RIGHTS: Mums and Dads Parental Rights supported by Common Law and Statute

Published September 20, 2021 2,162 Views
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Letter: https://pjhlaw.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/School-letter.pdf

Parents have a parental right to intervene in the child's and parents right to correctly obtained consent, i.e full facts in relation to loss, harm, injury and fraud (omission tort).

The right not to be coerced! By The State, peers, employers, or main stream media.

This is YOUR fight back on behalf of YOUR child!

Letter will be available Monday Evening. This proceeds via Tort Law. English Law. Inexpensive County Court Civil law (The Real Courts that you should take back).

Solicitors and Lawyers have children too, if they ignore this they are complicit in Genocide/Democide.

The Police and any state employee that continues to allow this Genocide/Democide should be aware . . . The Nuremberg Code and sentences were enforced. Lawyers, Judges, Police, Army, Dr's and Nurses were found guilty and hung.

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