Wisconsin Office of Special Counsel Outlines Parameters of Investigation

Published September 20, 2021 31,457 Views

Rumble Investigations must not pre-judge people or evidence. Therefore, we are willing to discuss potential evidence with anyone who believes they have evidence.

If we choose to do audits, the audits will be public. However, investigations are private until completed to prevent harming people or compromising evidence.

In trying to determine if the election was conducted properly, it is the duty of the public officials who are paid to run the election to answer questions and demonstrate that their management of the election was proper. If they refuse to cooperate, we will compel them to answer questions.

My job as Special Counsel is to gather all relevant information, and while I will draw my own conclusions, my goal is to put everything I know before you, the citizen, so that you can make up your own mind. An obstruction of this office is an obstruction of you.