golden-fronted leafbird call

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golden-fronted leafbird The scientific name is Chloropsis aurifrons. This bird is a permanent resident of India. Endemic to parts of Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. These are commonly found in wooded shrubs. Lays 2-3 eggs in tree cages. Eats insects and fruits.
The forehead is pale orange. The chin is characterized by shiny blue and bluish streaks and green patches on the shoulders. The beard and neck of the female are pale bluish-green; The stripes on the cheeks are bright greenish-blue. This color difference helps to quickly identify males and females.
The wild boar, on the other hand, has a bright golden forehead, black and blue, and a beard and neck. Of these, the female is duller than the male. Honey, fruits, insects, and worms are the food.
Both birds usually travel in small groups or in pairs. Flowers and leaves prey on other trees in abundance. The leafhopper is one of the best examples of snakes in nature. Due to their greenish color and small body, they are not recognized among the leaves. Among the leaf clusters, their main food is small insects, pests, and worms. The curved lips help to catch the prey.
They nest and lay their eggs from November to June. The nests are made in the shape of a large cup, usually made of cobwebs with light roots and fibers. They can be hung at a height of six to nine meters above ground level. Lays two or three eggs at a time. The color of the eggs is pale yellow or pinkish white. The eggs of the wild parrot are reddish-yellow. The entire surface is spotted.
Endemic to Kerala, found in South India, various parts of Bengal, and Sri Lanka.

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