Dr Judy Wilyman - AHPRA - Doctors Gagged from Speaking Up

2 years ago

Dr Judy Wilyman - AHPRA - Controlling Knowledge on Vaccine Science, Doctors have been Gagged from Speaking Up with autonomy when they look at the medical literature and they see the risks that are involved with vaccines, and they're not allowed to speak about those because it's dismissed as "antivax", so we have now the CovidMedicalNetwork - the Australian doctors speaking out.


They've recently put out an Open Letter to all GPs in Australia.
Because they know that GP's are not getting the correct information about what's in this injection.


The injection is not a vaccine - it's been falsely labelled.

They've falsely labelled doctors speaking out as Antivaxxers.

Just like all the public that are talking about "choice in vaccine" have been falsely labelled as AntiVaxxers by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Board.

I've recently been informed that the head of the AHPRA board actually doesn't even have a science degree, so that needs to investigated and this is how Medical Tyranny has developed.

This vaccine will not prevent any transmission of COVID in the community and it doesn't prevent you from getting COVID either - and the government has told you that. There's no proven benefit of it and a large, overwhelming risk of this injection.

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