Myocarditis - John Stokes 21yo Athlete - Pfizer - In His Own Words

2 years ago

John Stokes
Pfizer 2nd September 2021

Severe Adverse Reaction: Myocarditis
Aged: 21 Years Old

Division 1 Athlete
2019-20 OVC Academic Medal of Honor (4.0 GPA)
2019-20 OVC Commissioner's Honor Roll (3.25+ GPA)

John Explains all In his Video

"I'm a Division 1 student athlete with no prior health issues.
I got the second vaccine and within four days I have been diagnosed with Myocarditis. I was told I probably won't be able to play my senior season now.

It is a side effect from the Vaccine and it's really not being reported or addressed. It's a serious issue that we should all be informed about before making this decision.

No one knows the long-term effects about what is going to possibly happen from this. It's uncharted territory because everyone else with the same heart issues from the Vaccine are all being tracked and monitored, we're basically test subjects.

A lot of people in our age group apparently are at higher risk for heart issues from the vaccine and it really needs to be talked about."

Tennessee State University Senior

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