Patrick Byrne | Will the Election Fraud Be Exposed This Week In Arizona?

Published September 18, 2021 4,916 Views

Rumble Patrick Byrne - Will the Election Fraud Be Exposed This Week?

The founder of (Patrick Byrne) joins us to answer the question, “Will the election fraud be exposed this week?”

Part 1 - Interview with founder, Patrick Byrne
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Part 2 - Alfie Oakes of Joins Us to Share About the Importance of Election Integrity -

Part 3 - Solar Power Energy 101 | How to Defund the Swamp and Refund the Kingdom -

Can you install solar panels in all 50 states?
How much does it cost to install the power panels on a 2,500 square foot house?
Can I generate heat for my home with a residential solar electric system?
Will my system work on cloudy days?
What is the lifespan of a solar power system?
What happens when it snows?
What happens to solar panels in hail?
Who installs solar power systems?
How much power will a residential system produce?
What does it truly cost?

Part 4 - How to Secure the Funding That Your Small Business Needs -

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