Amerigo the Porch Unicorn Hanging Out Inside with Family

Published September 18, 2021 22,124 Views $11.24 earned

Rumble Occurred on September 2021 / Duvall, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: "This is the story of how Amerigo the Porch Unicorn came into our lives.

She was adopted from a rescue farm in Montana. She was my Christmas present and came home to her forever home on December 28, 2017. A month from the day tragedy struck. We were getting ready to go for a ride and she bucked me off. I ended up under her and she came down on my lower leg with her back hoof crushing it. In 2018 I spent 58 accumulative days in the hospital, 7 surgeries and they weren't able to save it. My amputation surgery was on November 28, 2018. During this time Amerigo became my support animal. She would stand and sleep by my bedroom window when I was in bed recovering. Eventually, she started coming to the front door and before we knew it we had a horse eating treats off our counter and hanging out with us. This is where the story of Amerigo the Porch Unicorn begins.