Mayor Shuts Down Bridge Over Migrant Crisis; Drone Killed Civilians, Not ISIS-K: Pentagon | NTD

Published September 18, 2021 994 Views $0.18 earned

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00:00 Mayor Shuts Down Bridge Over Migrant Crisis
In just 24 hours, the number of illegal immigrants gathered under the Del Rio international bridge has increased by 4000. The city's Democratic mayor is calling the situation unprecedented and is declaring a local state of emergency.

02:32 Drone Killed Civilians, Not ISIS-K: Pentagon
The Pentagon has admitted it targeted the wrong vehicle in its drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan. They were targeting an ISIS-K threat but tragically ended up killing innocent Afghan civilians instead.

03:44 FDA Panel Rejects Widespread Booster Shots
The Biden administration expects a lot of Americans to roll up their sleeves for COVID-19 booster shots next week. But the FDA's advisory board has rejected a widespread rollout.

05:31 SF Mayor Goes Clubbing Maskless
The mayor of San Francisco was caught partying in a club maskless, despite strict orders to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. A BLM co-founder was also with her.

07:44 Beijing’s Mouthpiece Promotes CRT in Cartoon
America's racial relations appear to be on Beijing's radar. In a cartoon piece, Beijing's overseas mouthpiece is teaching parents how to educate their kids on race and racism. But a US nonprofit is sounding the alarm about the cartoon's message.

11:22 Evergrande Group Crisis Getting Worse
Chinese real estate group Evergrande's bubble is bursting and financial crisis looms. But the group's top managers don't seem worried. Insiders reveal the board of directors and some managers have already cashed out in advance.

13:30 Constitution Day: Are Vaccine Mandates Legal?
Today is Constitution Day, commemorating the signing and adoption of the US Constitution in 1787. And 234 years later, many are saying it’s unconstitutional to mandate vaccines and deny religious exemptions.

16:16 UK Eases Rules for Vaxxed International Travelers
The UK announced on Friday, that it's easing restrictions for international travelers to England. Starting October 4th, fully vaccinated travelers from low-risk countries will no longer have to take an expensive COVID-19 test.

17:03 Botticelli Exhibit Showcases Renaissance Arts
How do you conceive an astounding, out-of-this-world painting? You could ask Sandro Botticelli. A museum in Paris is showcasing the works of the Italian Renaissance painter, inviting viewers to experience beauty, grace, and harmony.

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Mayor Shuts Down Bridge Over Migrant Crisis; Drone Killed Civilians, Not ISIS-K: Pentagon | NTD