NSW School Teacher Speaks Out - COVID Truth - to Other Aussie Teachers

If you haven't seen by now that life will return to pre-2020 - then you are too far gone - and I don't say that to offend you - I'm saying it to wake you up - to make you see that this is an almighty battle ahead of us.

What they are creating is MEDICAL APARTHEID - "only if you are vaccinated, you can go out and have some freedoms" - not all the freedoms, just 'some' of the freedoms.

Now how does this affect us as teachers?

People are starting to realize our government doesn't have our best interests at heart.

When was the last time the government or media gave us any reason to trust them?

Do you honestly believe that these people care about us? They are still getting paid - they haven't given up a cent - do you honestly believe they care about your family? They don't give a stuff.

These people "hate us". They aren't even in control - they are "CONTROLLED".

And soon enough, they will be gone - when they get their yellow envelope under the door at midnight - they will be gone and replaced with other puppets.

This is institutional what is happening here in this state, in this country - has been going on for years - this is institutional - this is deep, and only now is everyone worried, scared and panicked because it directly affects you - and if you can't handle the fight, the confrontation, and you want to go and get jabbed so your life "returns to normal" - fine, go and get it - there will be absolutely no judgement from me - I promise you that - but listen - your life will never be the same - even if you get the double-jab.

Businesses are going bankrupt - your life will never return to pre-2020.

Did you absolutely love your life pre-2020?
Were you happy to be a slave to the system?
Were you that content with working your ass off, being told what to do, being in debt, being a consumer, being materialistic, were you that happy with your life that you want to return to that?

If that's what you think is going to happen ... if you think that you can 'comply and obey your way to freedom' - you've got another thing coming. That life is gone.

This is now an opportunity for you to awaken and see the light and realize - I can create another life - a new life - a new beginning - but it's going to take a battle. We are in a big fight here - specifically to the teachers:

I'm a teacher. I could be sacked after this. My boss could see this, tap me on the shoulder "Mac, you're gone". I'm doing this because I care, because one day when my kids are old enough, when they look at me and say

"Dad, what did you do during the 2020-2021 takeover of society?"
"What did you do when the government had their foot on people's throat?"
"What did you do when they had you locked up for 2 years in house-arrest?"
"When they took away all your freedoms .. for a virus that has a mortality rate of 0.003%?"

I want to be able to look them in the eye and say I did something - I tried - I tried.

I don't want to be able to say I did nothing.

This is why I'm putting myself out there - I'll sell my car - we'll sell our house - we'll find a way if I don't have a job. I'm not going to be dictated to by the system - I'm not going to be told that you can only work - you can only make a living - you're only considered essential "IF YOU PUT A NEEDLE IN YOUR ARM".

Let's put aside the fact if it's an experimental treatment, if COVID is real, all of that aside. Just think about what is happening here.
What has happened for the last 18 months?

The system is telling you when you can go out and see your family.
When you can breathe freely.

Just think about it.

You have to check-in wherever you go.

We are SO BRAINWASHED and conditioned that we have forgotten what it was like not to wear a mask, not to check-in, it's almost like we are asking for permission to see our parents, to see our grandparents.

You were born with a God-given right to breathe air, to assemble freely, to have freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and a God-given right to love your family, to go and see your family, to be by their bedside in time of need.

You were born to get married, to get divorced, you can't do any of that now.

I don't know if you believe in God or not - that's aside the point. I do. I know that I was born into this world to be free. As long as I don't harm anyone or steal from anyone or incite violence or hatred, I have every right to live my life, FREE - under the sun, under the sky, under GOD, and to breathe, to go where I like - without being told "no, you can't go there". What is this?

As a teacher specifically, you're going to have to put yourself out there.
You don't have to put your face, or make videos, but you're going to have to put yourself out there.

The announcement is going to be that if you are teacher living in a "LGA Hotspot" or "NON-HOTSPOT" but you work in a "HOTSPOT", you will need to have the vaccine by the 30th of August otherwise you can't return on site.

We are 5 weeks away from when Term 4 starts. Don't go off and run and get the jab just because you've been told you have to to return to school - you're not working on-site and anything can happen between now and then. Things are changing every single day - there are people behind the scenes that are fighting this battle, we are making phone calls, we are writing letters, we are making these videos.

You don't have to do all of this - you can just pick your battles - write to your union, call your union, write to the education minister, call them, write to Amnesty International, but DO SOMETHING - Something is better than nothing.

If you get a general email from your bosses telling you that you need to advice us of your vaccination - DONT RESPOND - until you get specifically addressed to you - just lay low. Go under the radar until more information comes out.

I can tell you why they are doing this - they know legally they have NO RIGHT TO FORCE people to get jabbed to return to work. Think about what they're saying.

They're saying that you need to "get an injection to go and earn a living and put food on the table" does that seem like a world you want to live in?

Are you going to just accept that?

They know that they can't do that.

They're going to try and push as many people as possible to get jabbed before this state of emergency runs out. I don't know when that is - the end of September. Once that state of emergency runs out, that public health order means nothing - and it means nothing now - but let's just play by those rules.

Until then, all I'm saying is, hang in there - get in the fight - don't panic, don't beg for your old life back - we've got to stand up - you've got to have a backbone. Be proud of your life - stand up - hold your head high stand up to any tyranny or anything that is unjust.

Think about what has happened in the past 18 months.
Does that look normal to you?

I'd rather lose my job than live under this authoritarian dictatorship.

What are you going to do? I'm asking you to hang in there - but do something - stay strong - you're going to need to pick up your sword and shield and hold the line and there's a lot of us behind the scenes that are fighting for our rights. Get on board.

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