BANNED ON YouTube - Biden's Vaccine Mandate Takes Covid Hysteria to Totalitarian Level

2 years ago

Dr. Lee Merritt the former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and an Advisor to the Naval Research Advisory Committee

Earlier this month cable talker Rachel Maddow was deemed the "Queen of Misinformation" for refusing to admit the organized lie against the wonder COVID treatment Ivermectin, 90% effective in India, Japan, and elsewhere worldwide. The cartel isn't about to jeopardize the 1/2 trillion dollar Pharma profit opportunity from forbidding refusal of a worldwide mandate of the coming vaccine experiment. And now the Biden Administration has threatened employment for any American non-vaxxer working for the government or in a company with more than 99 workers. School districts are threatening sports participation for non-vaccinating high schoolers (despite more danger to kids from the shot versus the disease), and hospitals are closing departments like maternity from the firing of smart nurses refusing to get anywhere near these dangerous experiments.

It gets worse. While higher vaccinated countries like Israel and England show more hospitalization among the vaccinated versus non-vaccinated, American hospitals do not. This has raised suspicions, as groups like the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are buried in whistleblowing calls by nurses accusing their CEOs of hiding data required by the CDC on "breakthrough cases" - the infection of the vaccinated.

Dr. Merritt has presented three times to Freedom Hub, before and during the COVID hysteria. Learning biowarfare from her stint with Navy researchers, she has proven one of our more popular guests on what's REALLY going on.
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