Huawei & ZTE Help China Take the Lead in 6G Technology!!!

Published September 16, 2021 56 Views

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Most of the world is yet to experience the benefits of a 5G network, but the geopolitical race for the next big thing in telecommunications technology is already heating up. In this video we answer the following:
1) Why is China taking the lead in 6G technology?
2) What are the applications and potential key technologies for 6G?
3) Why is the US lagging behind China when it comes to 5/6G?
4) Why do many analysts believe that China has a clear edge in the global 6G race?

One thing is sure: China’s 6G push allows it to develop self-reliant technology from the bottom up and be less reliant on patents developed by foreign companies.

Link to article: China may have 6G by 2030 thanks to Huawei:

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