Cuts up his Vaccination Card - David Limbrick MP - VIC, Australia

Published September 15, 2021 64 Views

Is consent is valid when undue pressure, coercion or manipulation are applied?
We cannot become a society where medical procedures are undertaken without proper consent for "the greater good". This will lead us down a dark path that has been trodden many times throughout history.

9 Sept 2021

"Today, I again put my Freedom Scissors to work.
Journalists and others have asked me previously about my vaccination status and I have refused to answer as I think this is a personal matter that is not the business of anyone else. At the core of my philosophy to defend the rights of people to make their own choices. I don't judge or intend to pressure people because they make different choices to me.
I have consistently stated that my view on medical procedures is that it's a personal choice and should not involve any coercion from Government.
This is actually in line with the Australian Immunisation Handbook which states that valid consent must be free from undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.
The Victorian Charter of Human Rights also states under section 10 that a person must not be "subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent."
However, with the Victorian Government now making it a requirement to receive a first jab before Victorians can re-enter their own state, along with the recent rhetoric from the Government about "lockouts", I am calling into question whether this invalidates consent.
We cannot set a precedent of allowing medical procedures without informed consent and we cannot allow the rights of Victorians to be dependent on medical procedures."


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