Australian Reports on Local Tyranny, Tucker Goodrich Takes on Keto Study - A Neighbor's Choice LIVE 9-15-21

Published September 15, 2021 142 Views

Triple-dosed Israel still has skyrocketing cases of COVID. Why is this happening? Joining David Gornoski to report on the near-Orwellian state of Australia is Randall Evans who illustrates how Australians are being subjected to ever-present digital surveillance, snitching by neighbors, curtailing of religious freedom, and identity theft by the authorities. Will the authoritarian tyrants prevail or will Jesus' personhood revolution overshadow all violence?
Nutrition researcher Tucker Goodrich joins David Gornoski to talk about how we can properly lose weight, getting rid of PUFAs, how carbs-craving people can detoxify through avoidance of seed oils, supplements, whether excess sugar can weaken the immune system, how we can live anxiety-free lives, whether our mitochondria can recover from seed oil damage, why peanut oil is not a good option, why beef tallow is better, and more.

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