9/13/21 Stand Up Massachusetts Public Zoom Meeting Recording

2 years ago

Visit www.standupmassachusetts.org.

Jessica Abu-Hijleh, MSc, EMT-B, from America's Frontline Doctors, facilitated/moderated this Stand Up Massachusetts organization meeting on current freedom-focused school issues and homeschooling. Jessica gave a brief overview of AFLDS and how they can help you in this fight with the legal, medical, and informational resources they offer on the AFLDS website. Jessica also went over the active plaintiff searches they are conducting so people can potentially sign on as a plaintiff for one of their future strategic litigations. www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org.

Additional speakers included citizen journalist and America-First activist Dianna Ploss who works for Chambers Law Office with freedom fighter Attorney Richard Chambers. Dianna is also running for governor of Massachusetts and is determined to stop the push for communism, mask and vaccine mandates, tyrannical and unnecessary lockdowns, medical martial law, and government tyranny. She agreed to speak about the current draconian school issues in Massachusetts, and potential solutions including homeschooling.

Dattatreya (Datta) Haynes, is a Great Barrington, MA, resident, and an MIT graduate and retired mechanical engineer who specialized in ventilation. He shared his story which appeared in the Berkshire Eagle about how he served the local school board officials notices of violation of human rights under the Nuremberg Code.

Elisa a homeschooling mom shared her wisdom and encouragement. Elsa graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in Public Policy and a law degree before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom in 2004. She has 5 children, ages 19 years to 19 months, some of whom went to public and private schools in Dallas, Long Island, Houston, Brooklyn, and the Berkshires before she started homeschooling them in 2015. She has utililzed unschooling, Charlotte Mason/Ambleside, homeschool co-ops, and community college classes, among other resources. Her oldest now attends college full-time in Annapolis.

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