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Clive Palmer calls out "Pharma-Funded" Australian Government & Health Regulators

In a Press Release on 14th September, 2021, Clive Palmer:

** Calls out NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is being directed by a Lobbyist that is funded by AstraZeneca and Pfizer - tens of millions of dollars to make sure this policy is pushed and he's happy to provide a statement to police if they want to know what's going on.

** Calls out John Skerritt from the TGA & The Sydney Morning Herald for the article that TGA was considering legal action or criminal charges against Craig Kelly for a tweet he put out sharing the government's own Vaccine Adverse Events Database to the Australian public - attacked for circulating a government report.

** Says the party welcomes any legal action and look forward to it as an opportunity when John Skerrit can be subpoenaed and can be asked the questions:

[ 1 ]- about the 483 Australians that have died after taking the vaccine - what were their causes of death and what did the TGA do to investigate that, and why is it justified to continue the rollout?

[ 2 ]- about the 46,000 adverse reports and what he's done about it

[ 3 ]- raise the question how he threatened media owners with the cancellation of advertising if journalists publish anything to do with a contrary view of the government, and his attack on the freedom of speech.

Will also be a great opportunity to subpoena Greg Hunt, so he can explain his actions as the Australian Health Minister

When we see John Skerrit with his white coat on the tv promoting the vaccines - it's a serious conflict of interest between a regulator promoting a companies product.

Government Report: Adverse Events

The link that Craig Kelly tweeted:

Which redirects to:

Download Full Report:

Clive Palmer:


Press Conference Link:

3min Edited Clip at the start:

Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly Telegram Channel:

I think Clive knows what's really going on behind the dark walls of Australian government right now and all the insane policies being thrust upon the citizens and he's trying to give a clue to those just finding out.

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