NEED TO BE FREE | JOSEPH JAMES | Official Lyric Video

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Rumble NEED TO BE FREE | JOSEPH JAMES | Official Lyric Video

Relationships can and should be fun and free. We should be free to enjoy each other and to still pursue our individual dreams while supporting each other. In this, we can soar together on the heights and support each other through the tough times, the valleys as well. Destiny... Purpose... Dreams...

NEED TO BE FREE w/m Joseph James © 05.24.21

If you would love me so,
Maybe my heart wouldn’t let you go.
What I need, you can’t give,
Maybe letting go will let us live.

I need a love, I hope you can see,
A love that will let me be me.
I need to be free to be who I am,
To run my race, to be all I can.
I need to be free!

But you won’t give me some space,
To open my wings, let me run my race.
You could come. This is no lie.
Together we’ll fly across the sky.

I need a love that is free,
To let my heart soar inside me,
A heart to join along the way,
Helping each other to win the day.

(Repeat Chorus Then End)
I need to be free! I need to be free! I need to fly!

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