Blindspot #009 - Turkey’s Africa Policy Gambits and the next US, World Civil War looming?

Published September 14, 2021 84 Views

Blindspot wants you to see the world others don’t.

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While the 24/7 ‘news’ snoozecast channels have been parading the memory of 9/11, it is most definitely for that reason unnecessary to waste valuable blindspot time on blindsided buildings. This week Blindspots abound on very many unseen 4D frontlines.

First off Blindspot picks up a thread from Armstrong Economics reflecting on simmering political tensions in the USA fuelled by the ongoing allegations that Donald Trump may indeed have been cheated out of the White House by the woke Biden camp. Martin Armstrong argues that,

“We are facing a GLOBAL separatist movement that is not confined to just the United States. Everywhere from North America to Europe and Asia there are signs of tremendous stress that is unfolding along historic lines of separation.”

In Blindspot #008 we covered ‘Frigmentation’ - a convergence of friction and fragmentation. Seems like Armstrong Economics is also identifying forces of fragmentation and separatist forces at work the world over. It is argued that the disputed 2020 election in the USA is fuelling political uncertainty and perhaps instability as angry MAGA-ists are still out in the political wilderness aiming to drain the Washington political swamp of the Biden-Clinton-Obama Antifa cancel culture policy mongers.

Africa remains a major stomping ground for global powers with vested geopolitical- and economic interests to safeguard, or expand. Usually such analyses would look into the ‘usual suspects’ with boots and guns on the ground to project influence, counter other geopolitical powers- and in the meantime rake in mega-profits through above- and below- board wheelings and corporate investment dealings.

France, the USA, the UK, and China would usually come to mind when raising the topic of external economic, political, military- and socio-cultural influence to maintain, protect, and expand on the geopolitical chess board of Africa.

But, this week we do not focus on the usual suspects, and choose the blindspot and very interesting case of Turkey that has quietly, since hosting its first Turkey-Africa Summit in 2008, expanded its reach, influence, and geopolitical strategy into Africa in a quietly impactful way.

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