Encyclopedists discuss a decentralized encyclopedia network

Published September 14, 2021 44 Views

Rumble Interview/interaction between Wikipedia co-founder and five encyclopedists:

- Leslie Graves, philosopher and founder/publisher of Ballotpedia
- Sam Kazemian, cofounder/president of Everipedia
- Pat Palmer, computer scientist and editor-in-chief of Citizendium
- Phil Parker, business AI professor and project lead for the exciting new Botipedia
- Sergei Schekanov, CERN physicist, programmer, and publisher of the STEM-oriented Handwiki

This is WEEK 2 of "The Technology of Decentralization" seminar, free from the Knowledge Standards Foundation. For details and to join, please go to: https://encyclosphere.org/seminar

Meeting agenda:
25 minutes: introducing the speakers and their encyclopedias/projects.
10 minutes: an introduction to the encyclosphere project.
The rest of the time: roundtable discussion. Questions:
- What do you think of the idea of publishing your metadata, and your content, in a standardized format?
- We are thinking of making a white-label encyclopedia reader mobile app. As far as I know, none of your projects have mobile apps yet. Do you have some feedback on this idea? Could you see adapting this software for your own app?
- What are some other requirements you would like to see satisfied for any part of the whole encyclosphere architecture?
- Do you have any other advice for the KSF?