I'm back

Published September 14, 2021 22,725 Views

Rumble Aloha! You haven’t heard much from me lately as I’ve been gone for the last 4 months on an active duty tour & deployment to Africa as a Civil Affairs officer supporting a Special Forces mission to go after al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists. It was truly my honor to work with incredible patriots - experienced, focused warriors with an unwavering commitment to serve our country. We should never forget that no matter the decisions made by politicians/careerists in the Pentagon, it is our men and women in uniform who selflessly & quietly defend the safety, security & freedom of our country every single day.

I haven’t posted much since I was gone because I was asked not to talk about my going overseas until my mission was complete. Al-Qaeda is very active where we were & as someone who has a high profile, I would’ve been a prime target for the enemy, putting my life and the lives of my fellow service members and our mission in greater danger. I look forward to discussing the foreign and domestic issues and challenges facing our country.