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Super Intergalactic Wrestling Presents "Warriors" - October 8, 2021

Super Intergalactic Wrestling Presents
October 8, 2021

Nashville Fairgrounds
Nashville, Tennessee

SIW Comptroller Teddy Long presents the finals of the Hardcastle & McCormick Memorial Tag League Tournament, Eight SIW Championships are on the line (including a fatal four way for Ric Flair's SIW World Heavyweight Championship), and lots more as the stars of SIW head to Nashville for a pay-per-view special fit for the true Warriors of the ring!

Musical Guest: Gary Numan

SIW World 6-Man Championship:
Triple Threat w/ Francine vs blue World order (c)

Anya Petrov vs Aubrey Read

Adam Cole w/ Undisputed Era vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

SIW World Television Championship:
Dean Martin vs Bull Shannon (c)

World Cruiserweight Championship:
Archibald Peck vs The Great Sasuke (c)

SIW Women's World Championship:
"The Man" Becky Lynch vs "The Queen" Charlotte Flair (c)

SIW Women's World Tag Team Championship:
Bayley & Bull Nakano vs Rosemary & Aja Kong (c)

SIW World 6-Woman Tag Team Championship:
STARS vs Hazuki, Kagetsu, & Natsuko Tora (c)

ECW Championship: Weapons Match
Atsushi Onita vs Barry Windham (c) w/JJ Dillon

SIW World Heavyweight Championship:
The Ultimate Warrior vs Sting vs Brock Lesnar vs "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (c)

HMMTL Tournament Final:
Road Warriors w/ Paul Ellering vs The Outsiders w/ Konnan

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