Mel Gibson: Cancelled Priests, Bishop Hirelings & Counterfeit Churches

Published September 13, 2021 119 Views

Rumble Mel Gibson speaks candidly about persecuted, cancelled priests, a deep sickness that afflicts the church and knowing the difference between a shepherd and a hireling. He asks who is hiring the vast number of hireling bishops who tolerate nonsense, who is hiring Francis & whether a counterfeit, parallel church was created to eclipse the reaI church.

The Society of Fairy Godmothers considers these to be fair and important questions to consider & discuss.

Here is an exclusive interview with CathoIic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who has been in secret seclusion for the last 4 years over a combination of his speaking out against corruption in the church and entering retirement.

See the interview here:


MeI Gibson (personal video rescued from the SMS - Social Media Swamp)


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