Biden to OSHA: No More Recording Worker Side Effects on CV19VX

Published September 13, 2021 4,764 Views

Rumble Fox News report that Joe Biden told OSHA to start ‘hiding information from the public to promote the Covid vaccine.’

He says he has this authority due the nature of their "emergency".

C'mon. Does anyone really still believe there is [or has ever been] an emergency?

This CV19VX push is red-pilling more and more everyday. The more they push for it, the more people stay away from it.

#nothingtpseehere #donotcomply

▪︎ Vaccine Death Report:
▪︎ Coronavirus Handbook Patent 060606:
▪︎ Fauci/Covid19 Dossier:
▪︎ AFD vs U.S. DHHS:
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