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9-11-2021 World of Liars and Lies and their Objective [Prophecy Update]

The world is so corrupt now that finding people who speak the truth is like finding buried treasure or a vain of gold in a mine. It's extremely rare and there is a reason for it that is deeply nefarious and cannot be explained in just simple humanistic terms or political terms. It’s beyond human. It’s everywhere and the people of this world and even worldly, carnal, apostate, and fake Christians speak this same language of lies. It’s a certain type of language — but it’s not associated to any know human language. It comes from the spiritual realm which is vilely hostile and contrarian to the truth. It is of Satan and people who have the same desires of Satan and do not stand I the truth follow their father Satan. Some know it but most don’t. The one who don’t are the pons or the useful idiots who are following a Satanic objective that is built upon lies. Today we will explore how this is happening and examine the lies and discover how the lies support the narrative and
reveal the objective.

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