Quantum Terraforming the Earth! Beast Infrastructure Global Launch Sept 2021!

Published September 11, 2021

Rumble There are many different scenarios of how things may go down when it comes to the tribulation spoken about in the Bible. What the presenter shows us is more inline with today's modern technology. It does not mean that what he is presenting will happen as he is showing us but this is certainly eye opening. It is my hope that you the viewer will consider the information being presented in this presentation. Pray for discernment.

In this presentation these questions are being asked "What are the Prophecies of the Beast System?, What is the Beast System Today? and What is the purpose of the Beast System?"

The Beast System is a world wide infrastructure consisting of the following (1) satellites, (2) ground towers and (3) human beings with the proper bio-metric mechanisms within them all integrated and connected together that runs into one quantum computer that is operated and controlled by the anti-christ, aka, Satan.

Based on a report from sister ShariRaye in Texas, she has intel that as of September 9, 2021 there are 3200 Starlink satellites in the sky now and yes, more satellites are planned to be added.

I do find value in all the things being presented and it all makes sense based on where we are in man's history and current technology. One of the things I clearly recall many years ago is different ones were 'claiming' that the Mark of the Beast is the implant they were injecting into people's hands -- the microchip. I thought about it and then I figured out that this is not it. I keep an open mind because I 'want' the Truth. Everyone has their own truth but if it does not line up with what is written in the Scriptures, it is a bone. Be sure to spit out the bones. Otherwise, you will choke. Bones will take you down the wrong trail.

So, I will leave the contents of this video with you the viewer to make your own assessment on what is true, partially true and that which is not true.

How Neuralink Will Make Language Obsolete..

How Neuralink Will Change Humanity..

Neuralink Wants to Put a Microchip in Your Brain!

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