Jason From Take Action Canada On Our Latest Campaign Children & Deaths of Despair

2 years ago


Take Action Today!

Please go to https://takeactioncanada.ca/suicide-prevention-mental-illness-covid/

1. Download the Deaths of Despair Child Suicide Evidence Package and send it to your local politician, school board trustee, principal or teacher, healthcare professional and ask them to take action on lifting the lockdown and mask mandates for children.

2. Share all of the videos and actions we put out from Take Action Canada's DEATHS OF DESPAIR CAMPAIGN with everyone you know and on social media. Please use the hashtag #Istandforthechildren

3. For those of you who do not wear a mask, when someone asks you why you can tell the "When I take off my mask off, I stand for the children.

Please help get the word out that:

There is a 300% increase in serious suicide attempts in children because of the lockdown.
Drug addiction in our youth has doubled.
Eating disorders are up by 90%
Our children have become traumatized and have developed mental health issues due to Covid policies.

4. Sign Roman Baber's Petition to Reopen Ontario's Schools for In-Class Learning https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenHZNGTtdW8HV7cvu_JD7cpdrJIODEHE8C6_YvsEptfCuAmw/viewform

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