Natalia Prego Medical Doctor speech at San Sebastian Demo. + Angel Ruiz speech

2 years ago

Activist doctors from Spain Natalia Prego MD and Angel Ruiz MD in San Sebastián. First Speech by Dr. Natalia Prego against vaccination, as it is an investigation of unpredictable harmful effects. Putting special emphasis on the no vaccination of children, youth and adolescents.
Second speech by Dr Angel Ruiz Valdepeñas.
Dr. Natalia Prego and Dr. Angel Ruiz are the co-founders of Doctors for the Truth, which is now present in 17 countries around the world.

❤️ Dr. Natalia Prego was fired had her contract terminated at the clinic she was working for for speaking against the official narrative. If you wants to support current and future efforts to protect patients' rights, you can do so by contributing.
Your support is used for projects, campaigns, conferences, to earn a living and legal defense
Your support is very important.
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