ENOUGH: The Victim Mentality Is NOT the Way to Move Forward | Ep 505

Published September 8, 2021 412 Views

Rumble Alaska resident Ray Lin Howard aka “Fat Trophy Wife” took to social media after she was kicked off a plane. Her reason for being kicked off the plane is very interesting. Does the airline have too much power? WTOC 11 sports director Lyndsey Gough also took to social media after she was “violated” by sports fans during her TV spot. Was she really “violated” by fans? Can we stop with the victim mentality? The CDC and FDA tell the White House to slow down the push for booster shots. The Biden administration continues to botch the rescue efforts in Afghanistan, and now it handed another manifest to the Taliban with the names of Americans and Christians. When will the Biden administration learn? The Satanic Temple will now sue the state of Texas because the new heartbeat law infringes on its satanic abortion ritual. Enough with the nonsense.