Whitsleblowing Undertaker LIVE with Daddy Dragon tonight 08 09 2021 8pm

Published September 8, 2021 10,251 Views

Rumble During the show you will get the password to the IverMecTin page. If you don't read the page and delivery times and check your spam folder I will block you from ordering again. No if's No buts. The password will change weekly.

With two people who tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth this should amount to an explosive show. I have told John it is live, no edits, say what you need to say.

Undertakers are the unsung hereos of a sad fact of life, Your born and you die. But when the state aids that death by Euthanasia or Genocide/Democide, then how do the people resolve it?

Corruption and Godless ideologies are at the centre of this genocide! Why is England under attack? Our system of Law is the only system developed over millenniums that protects you as an individual against the state. That is why we are under attack.

This corruption in endemic within the Judiciary, Medical Profession, Military and body politic. The only way to resolve it is English Independence and enforcing our Constitutional Laws.


SITP 12th September 2021 at 10am TN39 3HL
Egerton Rd

Is IverMecTin being discredited because the pharmaceuticals have a therapeutic drug (oral) in the pipeline?