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Brianne Dressen - AstraZeneca Clinical Trial - Adverse Reaction(s)

Brianne Dressen

AstraZeneca Clinical Trial 4th November 2020

Severe Ongoing Adverse Reactions

Brianne participated in the AstraZeneca clinical trial back in November 2020, she her vaccine on Nov 4th and says she hasn’t been the same since.

“Immediately within an hour I had tingling down my arm…and by the time I got home, my vision was blurry and double”

Her sensitivity to sound and light became so severe that she had to have earmuffs on all the time and sunglasses.

“Things progressed pretty quick. So, I have this week’s long neurological decline, and no one knew what was going on. I called the test clinic several times, finally two days later they had me come in and they did a neurological exam and they said, ‘oh it looks like you have MS, so you probably need to get that checked out,’”

Her symptoms continued to worsen, and just before Thanksgiving, she said her legs stopped working, sending her to the emergency room. However, after running several MRI’s, cat scans, and lumbar punctures, no one could tell her what was wrong.

“I spent the next several months of my life trapped in my room by myself…completely alone and in silence. Even the sound of my husband’s pants swishing was too much for my ears. We put towels on the windows trying to make it darker and it was a nightmare,”

Brianne spent months teaching herself how to walk, eat, and form sentences again — all while she travelled near and far to try and get some answers.

“The hospital didn’t know what was going on…none of the neurologists that I saw knew what was going on…I called the test clinic several times and they had no idea what was going on,”

"Some of my symptoms have since resolved, no more fevers, no more sensitivities to light and sound, no more extreme nausea, and paraesthesia appears to be improving. Yet, I am still largely housebound, unable to work, or even drive.

Over 6 months later, I still have a majority of debilitating symptoms, including strange weakness in my legs, tremors similar to Parkinson's, and inability to walk very far. Heavy brain fog persists along with strange pressures in my head. Very painful electrical sensation through my body, tinnitus, and fatigue"

She said she has talked with other people who are dealing with the same symptoms after getting their COVID-19 vaccines.

“I want these people to get help. I want the CDC to do the right thing and communicate with the medical community so these people can get help. I want the public to be able to have the full picture so they can make an informed decision,”

She believes the people who are injured are being left behind.
“We absolutely can have the vaccines and we can take care of the injured. This does not need to be an either-or thing,”

She is a preschool teacher in Saratoga Springs
Utah, USA

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