144 Round Table, 5 BANNED FROM YOUTUBE

Published September 7, 2021 41 Views

This is my first Rumble post! YouTube deleted this video claiming it was false information about the election. Watch for yourself and you get to decide if we even discussed that for very long or if you think it's false information.
I've heard Rumble doesn't censor people for having discussions, expressing (their right) to free speech, so here I AM - and I hope to bring my crew along, after I get the hang of it over here.
We do a little energy work for about 10 minutes or so in the middle and towards the end, the audio got messed up right around the 1 hour mark, so I do apologize for the robot sounding part for the last few minutes. I'm just grateful I could save this stream by learning how to screen record on the fly, before YouTube deleted this live stream forever!

I will be uploading the other 144 Round Table streams and other content I've saved as well, if this platform works out best for my community.

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