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Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV - "HMMTL Tournament: Semifinals" - October 1, 2021

Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV
October 1, 2021
"HMMTL Tournament: Semifinals"

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada

With one more week until the next SIW PPV, "Warriors" and the HMMTL Tournament Final in Nashville, there are some scores that still need to be settled. The semifinals of the HMMTL Tournament are on deck and a huge main event for the SIW World Heavyweight Championship is also part of this massive show - the last stop on the road to "Warriors"!

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas vs SIW World 6-Man Champion "Big Stevie Cool" Stevie Richards

Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon vs Craig Straw

Marty Jannetty vs Mike Awesome w/ Paul Heyman

Dean Martin w/ Cobra Commander vs Jim Rockford w/ Lt. Columbo

Bayley vs SIW Women's World Tag Team Champion Aja Kong

SIW World Television Championship:
Perry Mason vs Bull Shannon (c)

SIW World Heavyweight Championship:
Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe vs "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (c)

HMMTL Semifinals:

Road Warriors w/ Paul Ellering vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam

The Outsiders vs Lee & Ciampa

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