Indian peafowl Looking for New Shelter

Published September 6, 2021 67 Views

Also known as the Indian Peacock. It is found in South Asia. Humans have brought this bird to different parts of the world. The bird was first classified by Linnaeus in 1758. The name Pao Cristatus is still in use.
Male peacock blue, with feather-like feathers on the tail. The feathers on the tail show an eye-like pattern. During the mating season, male peacocks spread their feathers. The female peacock does not have such beautiful tail feathers. The lower part of the neck of female peacocks is green. The feathers are brown. The food is grains, fruits, snakes, and small rats.
These are easy to spot because of the loud noise. They prefer to run and escape through the undergrowth rather than fly. The peacock is also the national bird of India. The bird is listed as one of the least concerned species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In modern Hebrew, the word peacock means "tawas."

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