You May NOT Travel This Weekend!

2 years ago

CDC Tells Unvax not to travel this weekend

More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems

Hospitals foregoing vax mandates bc of staffing shortages. Edwards doubles down.

Pfizer developing twice per day COVID pill to tax along with vax

Tokyo Medical Assoc holds conference to recommend Ivermectin

2 Top FDA Vaccine Regulators Resign over booster announcement

Ultra-vaxxed, booster-heavy Israel has more COVID infections per capita than any country in the world

Fauci-Remdesivir Connection

Joe Rogan tests negative for COVID-19 days after virus reveal

Poll numbers just keep falling for Biden

Florida diner owner posts sign telling Biden backers to eat elsewhere

UPDATE: Florida Restaurant Refusing to Serve Biden Voters Shuts Down After Selling Out of Food!

Taliban going door to door killing Christians

Australia Traded Away Too Much Liberty

Australia testing app to track the quarantined, make sure they don't leave home

Kevins Truck Issue Video

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