Northern Irish, Dr Anne McCloskey speaks out about Vaccines and ill effects

Published September 4, 2021 481 Views

Dr McCloskey is now under an intense smear campaign for being vocal about what is going through the so called pandemic.

She also has a political background, branded as far-right laughably even though the party is on the left of the political spectrum, It really is remarkable that speaking out with concerns about the safety of vaccines being injected in to children aligns you with the far right. How crazy and gullible are these people. Anne is now aligned with Hitler on this point?

This is an honest Doctor, who may have political leanings, but she is definitely on the right side of history, Macron, Johnson, Sturgeon, Trudeau, Andrews(rope required), Fauci, Biden, sadly Trump are on the wrong side of history here and I will gladly watch their day come.

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