Protest Final Form, Back At VGH Five Hours Later

Published September 4, 2021 6 Views

00:00 Protesters Return To VGH
00:24 Gabriel Asks If This Is The End
00:58 We Introduce Ourselves, Shake Hands, Bare
02:11 Protest Finishes With The Singing Of The National Anthem Of Canada, "O Canada"

The location is officially at Willow and 12th but the plaza makes it very difficult to know that if you do not already know about it. For example if a driver is looking for a street named Willow between Heather and Oak, they will not see anything resembling a street even if there is a sign on a pole. So I never use it for fear of confusion which only confused me at the end there, lol! Maybe could have had a protein snack along the way to help that.

Will look to upload Raw Video of walking through crowds at 12th and Cambie, others in the next few but have to put out Volume 1, Edition 4 of

I am looking for support for so if you and enjoyed these series of videos from the Vancouver Anti-Mandates Protest, please help in whatever way you can. Equipment, a gimball, external power supply camera, printing, etc all very much appreciated - even a few printouts from your own printer can help spread the word greatly.

Thank you!

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