Police Almost Start A Riot In Front Of Nordstrom: Robson & Howe Walkby

Published September 4, 2021 9 Views

00:00 Shakiness at first settles down to watch the crowd walkby.
00:35 We Have At Least One Dark Knight. 3 minute 17 point of Granville Bridge Video to hear it, https://youtu.be/l_4aWrGEJ-s
00:59 VPD Constables 20 Seconds Away From Almost Starting A Riot. In Front of Nordstrom. Downtown. Around All The Shops. Near The Law Courts.
01:36 Conversation With Garnet About Events, Including My Ancestry In North America, Why I am "passionate" as Garnet calls it.
02:09 The Growing Division Discussed
02:46 The Weight Of History, Ancestry In North America Compels Action
03:06 Chants of "Let Him Go!" Begin From Protesters To The Police About Motorcyclist, Standoff Ensues.
04:33 Michael Explains The Situation, The Police Fucked Up
06:42 Woman, Unseen, Agrees, Police Just Pissing Off Crowd
09:12 Crowd Celebrates Victory After Motorcyclist Continues In Protest, Pushing His Bike

Some seriously not-thinking VPD, Vancouver Police Department constables decide to "exert their authority" to stop a motorcyclist who was with the Protest for hours, right in front of Nordstrom, downtown with all the shops around there, nearly causing a riot.

The crowd was going North on Howe which is a one-way South at that location so they decided it was chance to show the crowd who was in charge by preventing the motorcyclist to continue with the crowd. Backfired of course, thankfully as if they continued it would have been curtains for the area and the police, whose legal, statutory powers are reliant on the consent of the governed, not black boots and truncheons here and elsewhere as protests show.

It was unraveling while I was talking with Garnet in the video here. Fortunately sanity prevailed as the boys in blue were forced to put their dicks back into their pants while the motorcyclist continued under human power to march with the protest.

Vancouver Anti-Mandates Protest, September 1st, 2021.

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