Return To The Terror of 1700's? Pender & Howe Walkby With Ride Along Commentary

Published September 3, 2021 6 Views

00:00 Return To The Terror
00:13 Protest Walkby on Pender and Howe
03:48 Pedestrian takes some words from stragglers in the rear of the Protest
04:03 I provide some balancing thoughts like, you know, The Uniter
04:42 1st Ride Along Commentary: Never Saw A Protest Like This In Vancouver...
05:44 2nd Ride Along Commentary: Citizens Display Government Crushing Physical Endurance and Mental Will
07:14, 3rd Maybe Sarcastic, Ride Along Commentary Commentary ... LOL, Exactly Right, "Just The Tip"
07:34 South & Eastern View Of The Protest On The Corner of Cordova & Thurlow

A return to The Terror of the late 1700's? Very possible if the government refuses to relent on these clearly tyrannical, contravening basic human rights and illegal measures to force people too take one therapy and one therapy only.

Walkby at Pender with a follow along to Cordova, with a look at the crowd in both directions at Cordova and Thurlow.

For more on The Terror for now: "Reign of Terror"

Guess who the new clerics are....

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