Yellow Billed Babbler Bird's

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Yellow-billed babbler. Common in shrubs and groves in rural Kerala. Endangered. No migratory. The yellow-billed babbler is a bird found in southern India and Sri Lanka
Puthangiris are seen in groups of seven to fifteen. Multiple groups can be found in the same place but those in one group do not join another group. They also act as guards for all other creatures, first detecting and alerting an enemy to common snakes, lizards, and ants. Yellow-billed babbler
All other creatures in the area are alert as they make noise. Hence, they are also known as jungle keepers. Yellow is billed to have a dull color similar to that of dry dust. The large feathers on the tail and wings are slightly darker. The top of the head is grayish brown or pale white. The legs and lips are yellow. It has small weak wings in a circle. Therefore, flying at high altitudes is rare. The legs are also weak. It will be jumping on the ground.
Insects and insects that hide in thickets and bushes are the main food and sometimes eat fruits. Some say that in areas where there are beetles, Yellow-billed can be found to eat them. It is argued that special paths are selected and punctual for food storage. Only one pair of mates in a group is ready for breeding. All the other team members help in nesting these. Although there is no specific breeding season, nests are more common during the summer. Make nests in ponchos or other fibers. The cage is made of a good mattress with leaves.
There are three or four shiny eggs. When a parrot is locked in a cage until the eggs hatch, the team members will be nearby. The team members work together to care for, feed the babies, and teach them to fly. When an enemy is found, the group makes a noise together and attacks the enemy.

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