Office of the Dead: Prime

2 years ago

Prime - Prima means the first, so this is the first hour of the day from sunrise.

This includes the Martyrology for Saturday 4th September 2021, which is recited the day before, ie Friday 3rd September. In the booklet I mention my Roman Martyrology webpage - which is what I usually use, but that only gives the English. If you would like to chant the Latin as I do in this video, you will need either a proper hard copy, or you can refer to where you can find the anticipated Martyrology each day under Roman Prime.

As I understand it, the Vatican released an updated copy of the Roman Martyrology in 2003. I don't have a copy of that one, so I use a much older version which is in the Public Domain.

You can download your copy of the booklet from

The calligraphic Pater Noster is from

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