COMMUNISM! TSA Targets Former Green Beret Fighting For Election Integrity!

2 years ago


The TSA and Department of Homeland Security were both created to protect ordinary Americans from foreign threats. But American progressives see patriotic Americans as terrorists, so they’ve weaponized both those institutions against ordinary American patriots.

Ivan Raiklin is a former Green Beret Commander and attorney who has argued that deliberate and systematic constitutional violations occurred in the 2020 election. He’s also campaigned against the perpetual masking of children and a lot of other insanity going on right now. All of that is legal and entirely within his rights as an American, but Raiklin has been punished by being put on every list you can imagine. He recently had a remarkable experience trying to fly through D.C. and Boston for a speech in New Hampshire. He was pulled aside to be screened, repeatedly, when there is zero reason to believe he poses any threat of unlawful physical violence on any person property or equipment on any airplane. Doesn’t matter. He’s being targeted for his ideas, which the government has decided are a threat worthy of routine harassment.

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