Whether from a Technocracy or Planet X's Return, How will we Survive?

Published September 2, 2021 38 Views

Rumble John Moore - The Liberty Man!

"Sitchin's translation of our earliest civilization's tablets includes an earlier version of Noah's Flood, caused by the return of a planet every few thousand years whose orbit wobbles Earth. What if the Planet X the news periodically covers represents another return of that planet-destroying orbit? And what if the world's rich are preparing to survive however they can this potential chaos?

Freedom Hub has covered Sitchin's translations, and we've certainly covered the Covid tyranny as a tool to smother Earth in a Technocracy desired by the nefarious elites. Even if Planet X represents a distraction, the Technocracy does pose threats to our security, and broadcaster John Moore will offer his survival recommendations regardless of which threat hits our families and land. A former member of the Green Berets, John brings to America his vast knowledge of personal security to help others be safe from existential threats. Your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones is your responsibility.


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