People With No Underlying Conditions Make Up 3% of Hawaii’s COVID Deaths

2 years ago

The CDC says 6% of the nation’s COVID deaths were individuals with no other health problems.

New data shows Hawaii actually has fewer healthy people dying compared to the rest of the country.

Of the 589 COVID patients who have died in the islands, the Healthcare Association of Hawaii confirms about 17 people had no underlying conditions.

Health officials say COVID is a virus that plays on your weaknesses.

“The more conditions you have or the more severe those conditions are ... the more susceptible or the greater the impact COVID will have on the individual,” said association CEO Hilton Raethel.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 94% of COVID deaths nationwide involved a person who had one or more underlying conditions.

The most common contributors include pneumonia, respiratory failure, heart conditions caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease as well as vascular and unspecified dementia.

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