The FLOE Show 3: They want to vax our children with killer parasites and graphene oxide nanoparticles for 5G! Plus: GO-detoxing solutions

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For Life on Earth

CLAIRE EDWARDS, former United Nations staffer, campaigner For Life on Earth
For Life on Earth:
#ClaireEdwards Uncensored:
The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020:
UN Staff Member - 5G Is War on Humanity:

RACHAEL L. McINTOSH, former Defense Sector Marketing Professional Turned Full Time Author / Artist
Rachael McIntosh emerged in 2021 as a politically unaffiliated candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Previously, she had been appointed to the Rhode Island Geoengineering Study Commission where she researched and produced a body of evidence regarding the government’s formerly Top Secret activity of weather modification. Her work cataloguing and verifying her findings influenced the creation of The Rhode Island Geoengineering Act, which is known internationally as a first-of-its-kind type of legislation.
Rachael’s most recent novel, The Peanut Butter Pipeline, was released earlier this year. Rachael's books are available on Amazon and local bookstores as well as at her website
Shadow Citizen:
Twitter: @ShadowCitizen1
Twitter @EntropyPress
The Rhode Island Geoengineering Act:

ANNA HARPLEY, farmer’s daughter and mother, artist & communicator. Anna is driven to raise awareness about all that must change so that we may consciously create kind and healthy communities in harmony with nature.

JOLIE DIANE, researcher and advocate for environmental protection and public health and safety


Our children are now targeted for experimental vaccines, 29.5.21:

Informed consent
International law: an overview of the international instruments, or certain of their provisions, that are applicable to the present, unprecedented situation in order to give readers a sense of what protections he or she should benefit from and encourage them to invoke those rights:

Dr. Mike Yeadon: ALERT: All Children Ages 12 to 15 to be Injected with COVID-19 Shots in UK Schools With or Without Parental Consent:
People’s Union of Britain’s Three Notice Process To Stop Schools Vaxxing Children, 27.8.21:

(UK) Scientists not backing Covid jabs for 12 to 15-year-olds:

COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next:

Daniel Reid: The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing:
The Tao Of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way:

Drs. Thomas Cowan and Andrew Kaufman interviewed by Mike Adams: Why the "virus" pandemic is a farce:

Dr. Young reveals graphene, aluminium, LNP capsids, parasite in 4 vaccines:

Vaccine under the microscope:
Crystallography shows us effects of 4G / cell phones on quantum coherence:
Neuralink Technology (note that the graphene oxide produces the neural lace & no individual surgery is required (see video on vaccine under the microscope below):
Busted! Elon Musk's neural lace brain interface is the graphene Covid vaccine:

Investigative Report on the Covid-19 Pandemic and its Relationship to Sars-Cov-2 and Other Factors (Association Of French Reserve Army Officers): Quantum dot, fluorescence, ID2020, crytocurrency, no access to commerce, pages 83-84

Deagel depopulation targets: Most secret intelligence agency Deagel forecasts 70% depopulation of US by 2025 - to 100 mil.:

William and Mary Law Review: The Internet of Bodies:

Win against the FCC: Children’s Health Defense -

Carnicom Disclosure Project Update 2021: Dr. Madej, Dr. Mikovits, Dr. Young:

Determining the Antioxidant Efficacy of ASEA Redox Supplement:

The company behind Moderna has a new RNA start­up looking to disrupt drug­making. The goal? 100 new drugs in 10 years:

5G, Vaccination, Nanoparticles and the Genocide of Humanity:

Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinated walking time bombs by Claire Edwards, 26 July 2021:

French study: the vaxxed are magnetic!:

Anna von Reitz and the American States Assemblies:

Dr. Ariyana Love, Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols For The Vaxxed and Unvaxxed:

Environmental Health Trust website (Get educated):

Algonquin Water Song - Native lullaby - sung by Jolie Diane

Nee bee wah bow
En die en
Aah key mis kquee
Nee bee wah bow
Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

“We sing this song like a lullaby. The song means the water is the life's blood of our mother the earth. Water is the life's blood of our own bodies” — Grandma Nancy


Hsinyu Huang黃馨鈺

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