Blindspot #007 - Multi-domain & Chemical Warfare: The Non-Arab Spring Edition featuring James Bond

Published August 31, 2021 60 Views

Blindspot #007 - Multi-domain & Chemical warfare

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Blindspot #007 has absolutely nothing to do with Her Majesty’s favourite under the cover(s) post-hero, Bond, James Bond, number double zero seven.

However, while we are on this topic, Blindspot #007 is indeed a fast paced ride down a few quick contemporary military strategic and covert operation/black-ops rabbit holes.

This week Blindspot plunges into the mind of the twentieth joint chiefs of staff boss in the USA (General Milley), not to be confused with mealies, but, he has suddenly started professing the need for the USA ground forces to prepare themselves for multi-domain large scale ground operations against potential enemies such as China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

It cancel cultures previous military doctrines obsessed with minimal boots on the ground- matched with maximum air- and tech superiority. Now all of a sudden ground hog grunts have to prepare for mass-scale operations aimed not at minimum boots on the ground, but maximum deployment of stinky sock meat forces.

A major blindspot, we ask?

Also Blindspot peaks down the rabbit hole of the use of chemical weapons in the war in Syria. Blindspot warns that multi-domain maximum war doctrines are going to be hitting screens and streets close to you sooner than you might think.

From Covert Action Magazine Blindspot also spots a fascinating analysis of the totally insane space-war plans and weapons being hatched in a United States of A- close to eyeballs close to you soon.

In Southern Africa Blindspot briefly returns to Zambia, now that the election is over and done, to ask - quo vadis for a country delivering copper to a world only now waking up to the fact that the EV- AI future of electricity and robotics will chow multi-millions of tons of copper cable. What do we expect from the resource rich, but epically poor country in the heart of Southern Africa? And, as always, Blindspot will surprise...

AS WE SAID, as it is above, it is below...



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