08-24-2021 HTPE/PLA/KMnO4 Chamber Pressure

Published August 31, 2021 39 Views

Rumble Of the last five test in August 2021, the test on August 24 was the best. I increased the throat diameter to 5 mm, decreased the characteristic length to 33 in, increased the oxidizer tank pressure to 130 psig, increased the length of the fuel core to 16.5 cm, and added a pressure probe to the mixing chamber. Ignition occurred in 1.5 to 2.0 sec. The chamber pressure rose to ~93 psig in 2.0 sec and was steady throughout the ignition. Burn time was ~5 sec. The video shows a net positive thrust greater than 14 N (3.2 lb) at ignition and held throughout the burn time. Shut down was instantaneous. The oxidizer to fuel ratio was ~2.3 and total mass flow rate was ~13.4 gm/sec resulting in a characteristic velocity of 1,163 m/sec with a c* efficiency of ~77%. I still plan on launching a class I HTPE hybrid before the end of the year. Next month I'll lock down the thrust and begin building the flight system.