Bill Gates Patent: Blockchain Will Track Vaxx Status, Prohibit Purchasing, Travel to Unvaxxed

2 years ago

A lot of people have decided to get inoculated, choosing to get shot up with these injections being called ‘vaccines’. But many have also opted out. As we’ve told you, those people are being treated like criminals, even given a premeditated death sentence, as in the case with Dr. Courtney Bennett at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Desperate people just wanting to live a normal life in an upside down world might even consider falsifying their papers in case the need should arise, if they’re asked by the brownshirts for proof of their jab status. But now we’re learning that those of you evading the gestapo with forgery are out of luck.

DeAnna Lorriane is the best-selling author of the book “Taking Back America” and she joins Stew Peters to reveal the patent numbers and process.

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