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2 years ago

Dallas, Texas based Dr. Peter McCullough, a Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M for the last 10 years and current practing internal medicine practitioner, has spent the last year publishing treatment guidance on Covid-19 and advising the Senate on effective CV protocols.

Why have you heard so little on CV treatment, and how does this impact your local business? Watch to learn about the Trusted News Initiative announced in December of 2020, with the sole intiative to promote the vaccines. Dr. McCullough details 5 points to consider in this interview.

#1: The virus does not spread asymptomatically.
#2: Asymptomatic testing was over reach.
#3: Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable.
#4: The virus is treatable. Watch to learn how.
#5: Vaccines do not have an acceptable safety profile. Learn the details that you need to know before you demand vaccines for employment or education.

Valuable audience Q & A will additionally help you make better decisions with your local business.

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