You Can't Save People Who don't want to be saved

Published August 31, 2021 56 Views

Rumble After speaking with my brother in law , he said something very poignant about this time of lunacy and lies .... "You Can't Save People who don't want to be saved"

1. Lunatic Liberal teacher replaces American flag with pride flag, & is just giddy about it she uploaded a tiktok video

2. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets chased down the street called all kinds of names by fed up Canadian citizens

3. The REAL President Trump has addressed the nation regarding today’s heinous attacks in Afghanistan.

4. As the world is watching and waiting for the "leader of the free world" to step up, he hangs his head in defeat

5. MSM is now turning on Biden, I guess in hopes of a President Kamala "kumguzzler" Harris

6. If Kamala becomes POTUS we will have the fake Mammys out pretending like she's a BLACK female when she claims to be indian american

7. Flashback of Pres Trump talks about Solameini , how a real president deal with terrorist

8. Psaki makes a freudian slip Global PLANdemic

9. Just like that the CDC director reverses , Says VAXXED will get SICK and DIE from Covid19 delta and other variants

10. Fed up father calls out this COVID19 scamdemic with undeniable fact in less than 2 minutes

11. Mama Bear calls an end to this tyranical covid19 bs at school board meeting

12. live Phone call exposing theres no TEST for this delta variant

13. “The Virus Is Fictitious.” CDC Sued by 7 Universities’ Scientists for Huge Fraud

14. McDonald's, others consider closing indoor seating amid Delta surge in U.S.