AUDIFIED MixChecker Pro - Check your mix on over 60 devices

2 years ago

Check your mix on over 60 devices without leaving the studio. Full review and demo of Audified MixChecker Pro.

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Mix Checker Pro let's you check how your mix would sound on over 60 devices. Everything from cars, phones, tablets, HiFi speakers, small radios, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and more.

The purpose of this plugin is to let you easily check your mix on devices that people actually use.

Your mix may sound great on your studio monitors, but how is it going to sound if someone is listening on an iPhone or Android tablet?

How will it sound in a car? Or on earbuds?

Of course you could bounce your mix out, play it back on these devices, head back to the studio, and make some tweaks....then repeat the process.

Or, just use MixChecker Pro! It will give you a good idea about how your mix translates to other devices.

And it's not only for music. Try it in a video editor so you know how your dialog will sound when someone watches your video on an iPad.

Try it with your podcast so you can understand how your voice sounds when someone listens with earbuds or a small Bluetooth speaker.

We are looking at MixChecker Pro in this video. There is another version just called "MixChecker". That was the first version and works in a similar way, but the Pro version has more devices and more accurate modeling.

MixChecker Pro is VST, AU, and AAX compatible.


0:00 – Intro Demo
0:45 – What's the Point of MixChecker Pro
1:51 – What track does MixChecker Pro go on
3:00 – How to use MixChecker Pro
5:25 – Save your own Buttonsets/Presets
6:22 – Calibration & Distortion
7:13 – Noise Button & Controls
8:37 – Auto Button
9:18 – Mono Button & Controls
10:30 – Why you want to use MixChecker Pro
12:11 – Remote Control MixChecker Pro with a Phone, Tablet, or Browser
12:53 – Outro Demo of MixChecker Pro

Check it out here:

Buy it at Plugin Boutique (affiliate link)

You can also remotely control MixChecker Pro with the MixChecker RC app for iOS, iPadOS, and Android. Or control it through a web browser. Here's the video for that:

Remotely Control MixChecker Pro with MixChecker RC App or Browser

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