Supporting God's Anointed - Be Better than Sodom

2 years ago

In 1 Kings 17:8-16, God told Elijah to go ask a poor Sidonian widow for support? The woman gave Elijah the last of her food, fully expecting to starve to death, but God miraculously blessed her faith and selflessness. But why a Sidonian? Why didn't God tell him to go to an Israelite? Weren't there poor Israelite widows who could use that blessing?

Yes, there were, but like Yeshua said, "A prophet gets no respect in his own country." If you worship the God of Abraham, you should want to be like Abraham, generous and hospitable, especially to those God has anointed for a divine mission. Yeshua said that a community who refused to support his teachers and prophets will be blessed, but those who don't will be cursed worse than Sodom in the final judgement.

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